Is Raw Dog Food Good for my Dog? Benefits of Freeze Dried Raw

Is a Raw Food Diet Safe? 

According to the American Kennel Club, raw food advocates cite these benefits: "shinier coats, healthier skin, improved dental health, increased energy, and smaller stools."  While raw feeding can have multiple positive benefits for your pup, it can also have potential risks. The biggest risk to the health of your pet is not feeding the correct amount or not providing enough variety, which can cause a deficit in key vitamins and minerals. If you are putting together these raw food bowls at home, you will need to do your research to ensure you are feeding them the correct quantity and variety of raw food for a complete and balanced meal. The major risk of this feeding method to the humans of the household is the contamination of pathogens when handling raw food. If you feed your dog a raw diet prepared at home, you will need to make sure you are buying high quality meat and disinfecting preparation and feeding surfaces. 

Additional consideration should be taken for your storage capacity at home. Raw food can take a large amount of freezer and fridge space if you are feeding at home. This can be even more difficult for larger dog owners.

Our take: Unless you have done significant research and are 100% committed to keeping up with this diet for your pup, we would not recommend a prepared at home raw feeding method to avoid becoming overwhelmed and neglecting your dog's nutritional needs. However, there are other options that allow you to take advantage of raw nutrition like freeze dried raw products. 


What is Freeze-Dried Raw?

Freeze dried raw products are still considered 'raw' so you still receive all of the same benefits of raw nutrition, except in a much safer and easier to handle form. Instead of traditional methods that use heat, freeze drying is a process that uses vacuum pressure and very cold temperatures to remove the moisture from raw food. Because the raw product is never cooked, it retains 61% more nutrients compared to dehydrated or cooked food/treats. This means your pup is getting much more vitamins and minerals in freeze dried products!

As you can see in the picture above, the freeze dried process also allows you to keep ingredients in their recognizable form. This allows to see the quality of the ingredients you're feeding your pup. Freeze dried raw products are also shelf stable, which means they can be stored at room temperature. (Medium to X-Large pet parents will appreciate saving on valuable fridge/freezer space!) Another huge benefit of freeze dried is that it naturally preserves the raw ingredient without chemicals or additives. Freeze dried raw products are a much safer and easier way to have your dog benefit from raw nutrition. 


Do I need to prepare freeze dried food in a special way?

Nope! Freeze dried treats/food can be served as is to your dog. If your pet doesn't drink much water or you're concerned they may be dehydrated (due to being outside, high activity, or GI upset), you can add water or dog broth to their bowl. Keep in mind, once you've rehydrated the food, it should be consumed within 2 hours.


How Do I Get Started with a Freeze Dried Raw Diet?

At A Better Treat, we think our treats are a great place to start. We are proud of the high standards we have on our ingredients. We use wild caught Alaskan salmon from US/CAN waters, grass feed beef liver sourced from the US, and free range chicken breast sourced from the US. With all of our products, you can trust that you are purchasing the highest quality of ingredients to feed your pets! 

For those wanting to incorporate raw nutrition at their mealtime, our A Better Dog Food is the perfect option. We incorporate high protein kibble with freeze dried salmon or chicken, broccoli and air dried carrot. This allows your pup to get the benefits of freeze dried nutrition without the hassle or steep price tag of other raw food options.