7 Gifts For Spoiled Pets This Holiday Season!

The holidays are here and as pet lovers we know how worthy they are of being pampered. This season shower them with love and some unique gifts that will become staples in their collection.

1. Handmade Leashes

With Tulum Handmade leashes and collars, show them they're one of a kind. You can get your pet a new color for each season, or mood, we don't judge. ; )

2. Luxurious Pet Crate

Upgrade their comfort with this cute and eco-friendly crate from Kindtail. A good night's sleep is vital for their well-being!

3. Paw Cleaning Brush

Make sure their nails and toe beans stay pink with this Dandylion brush for an elevated cleaning experience, instead of chasing your pup with wipes.

4. Patch of Portable Grass

With Doggie Lawn's real grass patches, you can bring the backyard to them! This square of grass is perfect for apartment residing pet owners or a balcony lounge spot.

5. Portable Water Bottle

This water bottle is perfect for on the go; it has a button that filled and drains the water bowl which connects to the lid!

6. Treat Training Bag

PetAmi's Treat Bag has everything you need for a walk turned marathon, including easy access to a treat pouch, waste bags, and plenty of hidden compartments. Plus, they have a matching travel bag for pups on the go!

7. Bath Slow Feeder

If your pet dreads the bath, or loves it too much and tries to lap up the soapy water, this slow feeding enrichment toy is a must-have. Easy to take down and will give you both some ease when it comes time to clean behind the ears!

Remember, it's the love behind the gift that truly matters. We hope you have an amazing holiday season, full of overflowing packages and unforgettable memories with your pets. Happy gifting! 🎁 🐾