5 Pet-Inclusive Costumes: Match Your BFF

Don't let your pet miss out on the Halloween fun! At A Better Treat, we know how important it is to celebrate precious moments with your pet. We've conjured up an assortment of pet-inclusive costumes that ensure you and your best friend steal the show! Whether you have a perfect pup or cat king/queen, we have the perfect costume to match their personality.


1. Dynamic Duos

Does your friendship with your pet remind you of Pooh and Piglet’s unwavering loyalty? Or are they the Luigi to your Mario? You and your pet could bring these iconic partnerships to life!


2. Heroes with Pet Sidekicks

Does your pet love to be carried like Bruiser from Legally Blonde? Or are they more of a goofball like Donkey from Shrek? As any Pokemon or Disney princess companion, they will be the ultimate sidekick. Suit up as their corresponding hero and prepare for some great adventures!


3. “Morty! Let me out!”

If you and your pet enjoy binge-watching Rick and Morty, your pet can become an essential part of the duo! Whether they're the cynical and crazy Rick or the timid and awkward Morty, embark on interdimensional adventure and let your pet join the cosmic chaos!


4. What’s My Animal Again?

Give your pet a chance to walk in some new paw prints and dress them up as another animal! While you can go classic Halloween with a bat and witch, mythical with a dragon guarding a princess, or a cute little mouse guarding their piece of cheese (you).


5. Famous Celebrity Pets

If your pup give off Toulouse energy, you could rock your best Ariana Grande. Taylor Swift and her cat Meredith can always steal the show as well. It’s your choice whether they would dress up as the pet or the person!


Get ready to create unforgettable memories with your pet this Halloween! You can also bring along our delectable treats to ensure they don't get jealous while you eat your candy. Tag us in pictures where you let your pet's inner spirit shine alongside yours. 👻