Our Top 7 Dog Toys to Gift

What better way to celebrate our dogs' infinite love for us than with the perfect toys? From mentally stimulating enrichment toys to heavy duty chew toys, check out our top dog toy picks to create countless moments of playfulness.

1. Interactive Dog Chess

Challenge your pup's problem-solving skills and keep them mentally stimulated with this interactive dog chess set! With multiple levels of difficulty and many treat compartments, this toys engages their minds and provides a rewarding experience.

2. Laptop Dog Toy

Ever have your pet scurry across your computer keys and send an accidental message? Get them their own laptop to work alongside you! This laptop dog toy is the perfect accessory for your favorite WFH coworker.

3. Silent Squeaker Toy

This platypus plush toy is a staple in our playtime. For a silent option with a squeaker only they can hear, you can give them this toy at night and not have to worry about being kept up by squeaking.

4. Heavy Duty Chew Stick

Classic but timeless, a good old-fashioned game of fetch never gets old. This ChuckIt fetch stick can double as an option for teething pups and is very durable!

5. Hungry Hungry Hippo Plush

Ever want your pup to play with the toys you did? This nostalgic toy based on the game Hungry Hungry Hippos will be sure to bring a smile to your face. Plus, it has ropes for tug of war, a squeaker, and crinkly sounds for versatile entertainment!

6. Hide and Seek Plush

This hide and seek toy provides lots of opportunities for fun! These hiding hedgehogs squeal and entice your dog to dig them out of their home, providing hours of safe stimulation. Play with them or let them discover what's making that noise on their own!

7. Toy Within A Toy

Does your dog rip up every toy you give them anyway? This dragon toy not only has two squeakers and many interactive elements for your pup, but has a hidden toy inside if your dog rips through to the stuffing!

Remember, every dog is unique, so consider your pup's preferences, size, and play style when selecting toys. Regular play is not just about fun; it promotes physical activity, mental stimulation, and a stronger bond between you and your furry friend. Let the playtime begin! 🐾