Puppy Series: The First Six Months of Paw-some Firsts 🐾

In the first six months of puppyhood, every day brings a fresh discovery. We lived through them and are excited to share our top firsts you and your pup can look forward to!

1. The Welcoming Woofs

Get ready for a symphony of barks, howls, and delightful yips as your puppy learns to express themselves. The first bark is like music to your ears and a sure sign your pup is finding their voice.

2. Puppy Zoomies

Witness the magic of the legendary "zoomies" – those bursts of energy when your pup darts around in sheer joy. It's a hilarious spectacle that never gets old. Clear the room and let the zoomies commence!


3. The Tail Wag Ballet

Behold the first tail wag – a heartwarming display of happiness. Whether it's a gentle sway or a full-fledged helicopter spin, your heart will melt every time that tail starts to dance.

4. Puppy's First Bath Time

Prepare for a splash! Your pup's first bath might be a bit of a splashy adventure, but it's a crucial bonding moment. Make it enjoyable with treats and praise, turning bath time into a positive experience.

5. Teaching Fetch

Fetch might start as a chaotic game of chase, with your pup not quite grasping the concept. But, oh, the joy when they finally retrieve that toy – a milestone worth celebrating with treats and belly rubs!

6. Meeting New Furry Friends

Socialization is key, and your pup's first encounters with other furry pals are nothing short of magical. Sniffs, wiggles, and tentative playdates mark the beginning of lifelong friendships.

7. Mastering the Art of the Paw Shake

Teaching your pup to shake paws is not just a trick; it's a gesture of friendship. Celebrate the first successful paw shake with a little party – your pup will catch on to the excitement!