Top 5 FAQ About Service Dogs!

Q: What is a service dog?

A: A service dog is a specially trained dog that performs tasks to assist individuals with disabilities. These tasks can include guiding individuals who are visually impaired, alerting individuals with hearing loss, and providing assistance to those with mobility challenges.


Q: Can I pet a service dog?

A: It's important to ask for and respect the handler's permission before petting a service dog. While service dogs are trained to remain focused on their tasks, unnecessary distractions can impact their ability to assist their handler.


Q: Do service dogs need certification or registration?

A: In the United States, there is no legal requirement for service dogs to be certified or registered. However, many service dogs receive identification cards or vests from their training organizations. The focus should be on the dog's training and ability to perform tasks.


Q: Can service dogs go anywhere?

A: In many places, service dogs have legal access to public places where pets might be restricted. However, there are exceptions, such as sterile environments in hospitals or certain areas of restaurants where food is prepared.


Q: Can businesses ask for proof of a disability for a service dog?

A: According to the ADA, businesses are not allowed to ask for proof of a disability. They can only ask if the dog is a service animal required due to a disability and what tasks the dog is trained to perform.